Excavation projects: Whether it’s your curb trap broken or your water service leaking from years of deterioration and age, we are here to repair or replace without any effort or thought from the home owner. We will acquire any permits, material and specialists to handle the entire project including county violation corrections. We will have your sewer system up and running in no time.  We will leave your property in the safest, cleanest possible condition.

Many circumstances allow us to proceed in an emergency procedure manner.

Interior soil pipe repair and replacement: Whether it’s your stack or your main drain broken, we will remove any concrete, flooring, walls or fixtures to get to the problem. We will replace all deteriorated or broken piping. At the end, there will be full cleanup and sanitation provided.

Correction of all City Violations

Plumbing code violations are initiated for many different reasons, and they can be issued for both commercial and residential properties as well. Plumbing code violations are generally issued on commercial buildings during routine inspections, building renovations, or if someone files a formal complaint on an older building. Residences can receive plumbing violations for renovations without a permit, illegal plumbing like drains, or if tenants or neighbors complain.

If you have Code violations that need to be corrected, we can help you right away!

Replacement of Exterior Drain Lines

A broken drain line can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Unlike a sewer line, a drain line carries excess water to seas, reservoirs or other appropriate areas. If the drain line breaks or collapses, you may experience a flood or awful smells around the home.

We provide sewer/drainage repair services and installation of all drainage solutions for residential and commercial properties in New Jersey.

Replacement and Repair of Curb Traps and Laterals

When your curb trap breaks, water can leak into your home causing flooding and water damage. The curb trap is a part of the piping line in your sewage system that prevents water from escaping into your home. The curb trap also keeps sewer gas from getting into the main drain and the house. It is a U-shaped pipe that is connected to a vent that circulates fresh air through the sewage system. Wehave performed curb trap repairs for many of homes in the Greater Philadelphia area. If your curb trap has broken, our team can repair it in a timely manner without disrupting the rest of your property.

All Sewer Lines – from the inside of the property to the main sewer

Sometimes, your sewer line problem may be beyond your property line, requiring street excavation in order to fix the problem completely. Daniel’s Plumbing can make this situation a much smaller problem. We have the experience, knowledge, technology, and all-import licenses to get the work done no matter where the problem is located. Street excavation involves tearing up the city street to find and fix your sewer problem, and not all sewer repair company can do this.

Full Water Service

We are capable of providing end-to-end service for all waterlines that are broken, both interior and exterior underground. No matter how big to complicated the job, we can handle it.

Yard Drains

In many instances homeowners tend to ignore such conditions until water drainage problems have become severe. Severe drainage issues can result in you and your family slogging around in bacteria and insect infested tainted water. Your front and back yards should not become similar to a jungle habitat.

Yard drainage is probably the most overlooked component of your home’s plumbing system. If you have a landscaped yard, paved area, or swimming pool area, poor drainage can present a whole range of issues for you as a property owner.

Full replacement of:

  • rain liters
  • cesspools
  • yard drains

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