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Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

Here are some of the plumbing related questions that we get asked. Daniels Plumbing provides a wide variety of plumbing services, is a recognized, and licensed pluming contractor with the expertise to perform sewer excavations and other large plumbing contractor assignments.

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The one circumstance no home owner wants to be involved with are any unseen sewer issues. Sewer replacement is one of the most expensive replacements for a home owner. The homes sewer is ran under ground to the municipal sewer or septic tank and there is no way for a home owner to know the condition, material and age of that piping. That is why a successful lateral sewer inspection is necessary for settlement when you are selling your home. Call Daniels Plumbing when you are getting ready to sell your home, or just for piece of mind. We have the technology, and capability to inspect your lateral and sewer lines.

Backflow is the undesirable reversal of the flow of water, or a mixture of water and pollutants, into our potable water system. It happens when the water system is reversed due to a pressure drop. When there is a pressure drop, contaminated water can be drawn backwards into the water system. All commercial properties in Philadelphia are required to have installed a certified backflow preventer with annual inspection.

Most times with high water bills we find the problem is a running toilet, a replacement of a flapper or fill valve usually solves the problem, in instances of a water meter in a pit and the service entering the house a sudden loss of water pressure and spike in water bill can be a leak on that underground line. We have a locater to isolate the break in that line and we can do a repair in some instances rather that a full replacement.

First and fore most, here at Daniels Plumbing we never recommend any chemicals into your sewer system, first cause of concern is the harmful chemicals going to the treatment plants and secondly the harmful effects on your drain lines. Daniels Plumbing is full of options for these pesky slow drains, including mini jetting, high powered air pressure, or hand-held drain cleaning devices.

Another common issue ….. Again sometimes a simple fix can be made, the unit has a outlet for a Allen key to loosen the unit in its stuck position, also a reset button under the base of the unit, instances of a blown breaker can sometimes also be the problem, at Daniels Plumbing we can diagnose quickly, and repair your unit or in a event of replacement our trucks are fully stocked with insinkerator products.

Another common question, this most times is due to unsecured pipes, when walking on floor you hear a rattling sound, or when water runs through them, sometimes due to not big enough diameter cut through your floor joist. Give Daniels Plumbing a call, we’ll stop those squeaky sounds driving you crazy…

A common concern of home owners. It is very important to make sure your plumbing is winterized. Preventive maintenance can help avoid frozen piping, Insulating existing pipes, securing and insulating any openings in your home, and on sub freezing days leaving a fixture drip or run slowly can help prevent freeze ups. Call Daniels Plumbing, and we will stop out for a evaluation and to provide some options to help preventing freezing of your pipes this winter.

There are all kinds of water heating fixtures, gas, electric, tankless. Older tank type units over years becomes a issue, gas units dip tubes eventually rot out and instead of the unit pulling from the bottom of the tank, it eventually pulls from the top decreasing your hot water supply, electric tanks sometimes develop a broken element of the top or bottom of tank causing half the unit only heating. Sometimes we just have to adjust the tank thermostat. Daniels Plumbing technicians are trained to diagnose quickly and effectively hot water heaters and will give you the best option on repairing or a new replacement.

The most common plumbing call in the business! Typically an easy fix with a new washer or stem, depending on the quality of the product. We offer a wide selection of new fixtures to suite your taste or design of your kitchen or bathroom. At Daniels Plumbing we take time to recommend, and locate the right fixture for your needs.

In Philadelphia our homes are mostly older and it is common to see existing plumbing drain lines with tree roots encroaching, line breaks, and pipe separations. Sometimes we see multiple age related issues. We have state of the art cameras to see under ground, and to locate issues such as these. Daniels Plumbing has the capability to perform water jettting, or in worse case scenarios we perform excavations.

Call us as soon as you notice a problem. We can provide some answers right away, and the sooner you call, the sooner we will be able to stop the damage caused by plumbing issues. Your plumbing system is made up of hundreds of components and systems, domestic water, heat, sewer… Most tasks require the services from a registered master plumber, smaller task can sometimes be performed by a novice, the important thing is that these installations are installed accordingly to local code for the safety of your family. Daniel’s Plumbing handles problems small and large – from those stubborn drips at your faucet to excavation of your sewer system.

Professional plumbers are trained and licensed to perform your plumbing jobs accordingly to code and safety. Most plumbing tasks require a permit and a inspection from the local municipality to protect your interests and the integrity of the work performed. When hiring a professional always ask for a copy of insurance, a permit being pulled for the job, a signed contract. If there are any issues with these requests most likely they are not a licensed contractor and you should continue to look for a licensed plumber.. such as the master plumbers at Daniels Plumbing.

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