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Home Buyers and Sellers – Lateral and Sewer Inspections

Buying or selling a home? Congratulations! For many people, their home is the biggest expenditure and asset they have. With a new home comes expenses for remodeling, additions and projects to make it your own. The one circumstance no homeowner wants to be involved with are any unseen issues. Sewer replacement is one of the most expensive replacements for a homeowner. The homes sewer is running under ground to the municipal sewer or septic tank and there is no way for a homeowner to know the condition, material and age of that piping. Most municipality’s the homeowner is responsible to the curb line of your home, and some including Philadelphia you are responsible all the way to the sewer. These repairs can be up to 15,000 dollars!!!!!!


What can I do as a homeowner when purchasing a property to protect myself from this issue? Good question, Municipalities in Pennsylvania require a sewer lateral inspection to be performed during a sale of a property or sometimes a refinancing. This process is done with a high def camera going through your exterior drain to your sewer. A licensed inspector then inspects the piping and writes a detailed report of the condition of piping, including findings of roots, cracks, separations, breaks, and belly’s in the line. After this report has been submitted the homeowner is giving a report and estimate needed to repair the damaged line if needed. At Daniels’s our technicians are Nassco certified sewer lateral inspectors, the highest certification for inspections of these drain lines, with the same language and requirements city’s use to inspect their sewers. With state-of-the-art camera equipment and high def locators, we can pinpoint the locations of the sewer lateral issues and save homeowners thousands of dollars avoiding full replacement. And in most cases a high velocity jetting can be performed to clean the inside of the sewer making it free from and obstructions that can cause later backups in the future.


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