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Lateral Sewer Inspection


Lateral Sewer Camera Inspections For Home Owners, Realtors, Property Inspectors, And Brokers.

Daniels Plumbing can get you to the settlement table on time. Our trucks are fully equipped with the tools needed to perform a fast and efficient lateral and sewer camera inspection. Our experienced crew performs all lateral and sewer inspections in the Philadelphia area with regularity. Daniels Plumbing of Philadelphia helps you get your home properly inspected so that you can get to the settlement table on time. After the sewer, trap and lateral inspection has been completed and diagnosed we will issue a full, very detailed report of type of piping, condition, cracks, breaks, roots and obstructions. If there is evidence of breakage that would cause a failing of the system and the inspection we will provide a full solution for repair or replacement included in the inspection.


A sewer lateral is the pipe that runs from a business or your home’s plumbing system and connects to the city or town’s sewer line. Philadelphia considers the sewer lateral (side-sewer) to be the property and responsibility of the homeowner or business owner. In other places, a city or county will assume responsibility for the portion of a sewer lateral from the main line to the property line. Unfortunately, the privately-owned underground section of a lateral is often forgotten until a problem erupts — such as raw sewage backing up into a dwelling. Call Daniels Plumbing to arrange a no hassle video inspection of your lateral and sewer line today!

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Sewer Inspections Are Important

A proper Lateral Sewer Camera Inspection is important, and requires experience, and also the right capability. Daniels Plumbing is qualified and licensed to provide Full Sewer Service.

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Lateral sewer lines can be compromised in many ways. Foreign substances and objects such as grease or disposable diapers flushed down a toilet can create blockages. Tree roots occasionally grow through the side of a lateral sewer line. Or, over time, a very old sewer lateral pipe can corrode and crack. Daniels Plumbing has the capability to provide a proper Lateral Sewer Inspection in Philadelphia. We are licensed and ready to assist you with all Sewer Inspections.

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Daniels Plumbing will respond promptly and can be out as soon as the next day to examine your plumbing needs and provide an estimate.

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Learn more about what the county wants when a Lateral Inspection is required for settlement, what is involved with required Back Flow Preventers, and how to deal with city plumbing violations when they occur.