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Are you a home owner, a realtor, a property inspector, a broker, an investor?

We are here to help you get your property sold or inspected. After the inspection of the sewer, trap and lateral has been completed and diagnosed we will issue a full detailed report of type of piping, condition, cracks, breaks, roots and obstructions. If there is evidence of breakage that would cause a failing of the system and the inspection we will provide a full solution for repair or replacement included in the inspection.

A private sewer lateral is the pipe that connects a business or home’s plumbing system to the city or town’s main wastewater collection pipeline. Local governments often consider all or part of the sewer lateral to be the property and responsibility of the homeowner or business owner. In other places, a city or county will assume responsibility for the portion of a sewer lateral from the main line to the property line. Unfortunately, the privately-owned underground section of a lateral is often taken for granted until a problem erupts that can’t be ignored — such as raw sewage backing up into a dwelling. Note: In some locations, sewer laterals are referred to as “side sewers.”

A number of things can compromise a lateral. Foreign substances or objects such as grease or disposable diapers flushed down a toilet can sometimes create a clog. Tree roots occasionally push through the side of a lateral. Or, over time, a very old sewer lateral pipe can simply corrode and crack.

The problems caused by failing pipes are broken into three categories:

Inflow: when rain water directly enters the pipe system
Infiltration: when groundwater enters the system
Exfiltration: when wastewater gets out of the pipe system and enters the surrounding ground
Daniel’s lateral sewer inspection professionals can properly diagnose the situation by conducting a complete inspection using our high definition cameras


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